The ritual responsibilities of our lives are vast, all encompassing, and start from a very young age. We all have our own unique combination of them, but we all have them.

All. The. Time.

Except in some very unique moments where we drop those self-imposed rituals of responsibility, moments we categorize as “escapes.” We escape on vacation, we escape for momentary breaks like creating some “me time” or mental health days, though those have predictable patterns as well.

And of course there’s retirement, the…

A very wise old man from Aerosmith once said “Life’s a journey, not a destination.” And although we would all agree with that statement, we as a culture have never taken it to heart. We’re all so goal oriented.

Struggle through school to earn a degree. Struggle through work to…

Prax has a goal, to make life more playful, and to use the curiosity and creativity unleashed by fun to grow. This Micropractice™ platform, with its short prompts provided by curated professionals and a creative, public canvas to respond with, can nurture any practice. That’s a lot of new, so let’s take a look at what learning has been like until Prax.

Viewing vs Doing

TV, YouTube, Masterclass, they all provide access to brilliant minds that can share their knowledge with you. But, according to The Association of American Colleges and Universities experiential learning, “leads to deeper, more nuanced understanding of subject matter.” By giving yourself “agency” over what you’re learning, you’re…

A Rebuttal to Perfection

Perfect isn’t only the enemy of the good, it’s an intimidator from even trying anything in the first place. So let’s stop honoring perfection and start celebrating the art of imperfection. Imperfection doesn’t tell you that you don’t have time to work on something new. It…

Why we’re building a new place to play.

by Adi Segal, Co-Founder & CEO of Prax.

“Camp, let’s make Camp!” as soon as I said that out loud, I knew that was the final piece in a year long puzzle my team and I had been searching for.

For the…


A micropractice community filled with curated praxtitioners offering prompt-response practices to help you find joy. It's playtime!

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