Bless Your Mess

2 min readMay 26, 2021

A Rebuttal to Perfection

Perfect isn’t only the enemy of the good, it’s an intimidator from even trying anything in the first place. So let’s stop honoring perfection and start celebrating the art of imperfection. Imperfection doesn’t tell you that you don’t have time to work on something new. It doesn’t push passions away just because they’re unfamiliar. It doesn’t even need a purpose to try something new.

Imperfection just needs curiosity.

And curiosity is that small first step, that, with a little fun and creativity thrown in, gets you to big. That’s why Prax is short for Micropractice™. A Micropractice is a prompt that never takes more than a minute to understand , and then gives you all the fun time and creative space you need to respond. There are no wrong answers when you’re trying something new.

The more you work this way, the more practice won’t need to lead to perfection. Instead, it can lead to purpose. After all, how are you supposed to know what your passions are (yes you can have more than one passion) till you give them a try?

When you explore, making the first steps the easiest and an unlimited number of times to try again, you give whatever you’re interested in a chance to become more than an interest, but a practice.

When expectations are thrown out the window and let your curiosity play, who knows where you’ll end up .So take a minute for a Micropractice prompt, and however long you need with the respond and see where it takes you.

Where there’s an interest, there’s a way. A loose, winding, fun and gloriously imperfect way.




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