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3 min readJun 10, 2021


Prax has a goal, to make life more playful, and to use the curiosity and creativity unleashed by fun to grow. This Micropractice™ platform, with its short prompts provided by curated professionals and a creative, public canvas to respond with, can nurture any practice. That’s a lot of new, so let’s take a look at what learning has been like until Prax.

Viewing vs Doing

TV, YouTube, Masterclass, they all provide access to brilliant minds that can share their knowledge with you. But, according to The Association of American Colleges and Universities experiential learning, “leads to deeper, more nuanced understanding of subject matter.” By giving yourself “agency” over what you’re learning, you’re opening up the potential to a “deeper understanding.” In other words, viewing is learning, doing is understanding.

Guided vs Interactive

At best, content is guided, requiring you to spend your time consuming either a recorded or live video. Prax provides short prompts that take less than a minute to consume, but then ask you to respond by practicing what’s been proposed by the expert. The short prompt and unlimited time to respond frees the mind to creativity respond, while uploading your nascent practice onto a safe space of other praxers frees you to bravely stumble your way through those first, harrowing steps of uncertainty.

User Generated Content vs Curated Professional Prompts

In today’s online education environment you either have to rely on the wisdom of the crowd (including trolls) on social media or invest in access to experts before you even know if you want to pursue that practice. Prax provides free access to professional praxtitioners for all users.

One Practice vs Multiple Practices

When you’re looking to start a practice, you have a goal in mind, a purpose you’re already laser focused on. So you go to a platform that offers experts or expertise in that practice. When you’re looking to be a praxter, you’re looking to put fun and curiosity first, to let the winds guide your sail instead of holding fast to a rudder and blindly pushing forward. Taking a lesson from BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits, Prax offers hundreds of small steps in any direction you’d like to choose in this moment. If the micropractice interests you, you can build that practice one prompt and response at a time, in your own time. And when you want to drill down into any practice, your praxtitioner will be ready to help.

Practice Makes Perfect vs Practice Makes Purpose

10,000 hours, that’s the vernacular these days for how long it takes to get really good at something. But we seem to have lost focus on why we’re investing this much of our lives into “suffering through” a practice to attain some sort of mastery over it. Prax believes that practice makes purpose. Let the practice itself be the enjoyment to push you forward, not the promise of mastery to pull you in a direction you may or may not stay on.

In essence, Prax is play, play makes learning anything fun, fun makes effort effortless, and lots of effort creates lots of person growth. And when play makes practice, you never have to do anything that isn’t fun ever again :)




A micropractice community filled with curated praxtitioners offering prompt-response practices to help you find joy. It's playtime!