The 8-year old you and the 80-year old you both have something to say. We’re listening to the 8 year old.

As we are coming out of COVID and everyone spent the year being told to take advantage of this time to grow, the conversations are starting to build about what we’ve done and what we do next. Implied is that we “should” have done… stuff. Productive stuff. So even if you did more than just maintain, social media is revealing a lot of accomplishment in your feed, so it’s not uncommon for regret to start bubbling to the surface. Regret, is a powerful word, and mostly negative, because it comes with a heavy dose of a horrible feeling called helplessness. We’ve all been there, looking back on the past, without a flux capacitor to do anything about it.

The ultimate regrets, deathbed confessions are full of common themes: less hard work, more friend and family time, taking life less seriously. All good advice… from people who can’t do anything about it.

Regret is sticky, it makes you think there’s nothing left to do. That’s why, even though we’re building Prax to help you do things, build skills, experience variety, we’re only going to be talking about fun. The fun of trying, the fun of exploring, the fun of not worrying about final products, certifications, or perfection. Because fun works! We all like to say, “Life is the journey, not the destination.” So why are we listening to people at their destination when we can just be listening to the little voices in our heads asking us just to try stuff, consequence free?

We’re not asking you to be brave at sucking on your first attempt, we’re asking you to have fun regardless of how many times you’ve tried it. Because fun works! Pick up an old guitar, not for a Van Halen solo, just a cool chord. Meditate without nirvana on your mind. Drop the great American novel, for a really nice sentence. We’ll always have regrets, but we don’t have to let them drive our decisions.

TL; DR (as kids say) — Stop trying not to disappoint 80 year old you and start trying to make the 8 year old you proud! That’s Prax. You don’t need a PhD, a marathon finish line, or an opus to find fulfillment, just some productive playtime (and maybe a “good job” sticker at the end).

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