Why is there no playground for personal growth?

Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the Gods made for fun. — Alan Watts.

There’s a voice inside everyone’s head. If you stop and listen for a second, you’ll hear it too. It’s that little kid inside of you, the one who hadn’t been told yet what to be as an adult, the one who was willing and wanting to try literally anything, where there was no consequence for any decision. That’s the pure you, the one that doesn’t let today’s responsibilities and expectations get in the way of exploring for exploring’s sake.

The thing about that voice, the thing that we use to keep tampt down, is that we tell it “later.” That’s what vacation’s for, what retirement’s for, what you’ll get to when you have the time. You also keep that voice low by answering back with others’ expectations. What would others think if I, all of a sudden, did this? What would others think if they saw me suck at trying that?

Imagine if that kid were in charge right now. Imagine the self and culturally created berries you’d smash through. The things you’d try, the things you forgot you wanted to try, the things you’d then try once you had a few, truly new experiences under your belt?

So what if you gave that kid a space, a time, an excuse to come out and play? A playground for personal growth.

That’s what Prax is for. To feed your curious side. A little sandbox all your own, with questions, challenges, and prompts of all sorts from experts around the world being your muse. What will you draw? What will you record? What will you say in response?

Prax is your prompt, your journal, your supportive community ready to provide inspiration to keep trying and validation for what you already have.

When you dare to try, and suck, in front of others who support you, you might recognize a new (or old) you staring back who wants to keep experimenting, trying, stumbling in any direction, because all directions are forward. Practice doesn’t have to make perfect, as long as it makes purpose, (and fun along the way).



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